“…the line between reality and fantasy is blurred as to create a lucid dream like state that is in effect like sleep walking through an acid trip.”

Christopher Jimenez, ShockTillYouDrop

“Loaded with style, blood, laughs and razor-sharp wit.”

Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, FANGORIA Magazine

“The sharp images, hilarious satire, blaring electronic music, and it’s social relevance make this an exploitation film for the modern age. The world needs more films like this…”

Richard Trejo, Truly Disturbing

“…like an L.A. fever dream with bright neon colors spattered throughout… and a glossy 80’s vibe to it all.”

Jason Jaskot, Fashionably Famous

“A razor-sharp, wickedly funny satire! Thrilling and provocative! It deserves to become a cult classic!”

Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru