Jan Schuette Movies

The 50 years of AFI conservatory Dean Jan Schuette has done numerous popular international movies. His movies won the various wards in numerous film fare festival. Here is the list of his some popular feature films. One should not miss them as they changed the face of the international cinema.

  1. Love Comes Lately: The feature film is based on the story of Issac Bashevis Singer. The movie is based on the character Max Kohn. He played the role writer who is in his seventies and had weakened power and fading sexual prowess. The film received well from the viewers and the best compliment can be given to the movie is this makes viewers read more about the character. This was a story on the Issac Bashevis Singer who has won Nobel Prize.
  2. Supertex: Supertex is a Dutch movie which is nearly 97 minutes long. This is also one of the best directions of Jan Schuette. Different viewers had the different opinion about the movie. Some said the sense of direction was steady. People counted it as the worth seeing feature film and also praised the moments of comedy and sweetness present in the movie. The movie was based on the self-confident person known as the Max Vary.
  3. Old love: This beautiful film described the unsentimental and quiet story of the empathies and loneliness of the old age. This movie was also based on the Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer. Singer focused on the love of middle-aged people and given more space to this in the work. The intention of the feature film to show the feeling of the middle-aged people on love, as mid-aged people have been feeling neglected. The writer tried to express that love is not only belong to young generation but also with the mid-age love become more mature and lasting. This movie sensibly represented the facts and also praised by the people around the world.
  4. Farewell: This is the film is partially based on the actions of the high positioned KCG official. It is released in the year of 2010 and selected for the book Bonjour farewell.  He features film got the positive reviews from the population of United States.
  5. Fat World: This is a German movie directed in 1998.The length of the movie is 89 minutes.The movie was based on the people who live under the bridge or subway. Feature film described that the things are really hard to manage for the people who live out there. This movie won many awards like Locarno film festival, international film Rotterdam and BFL London film festival.


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