Brown University – A New World of Knowledge and Diversification in People and Education

Brown University was founded in 1764 to provide innovative education. It has the oldest engineering program for undergraduates. In 1994, during fall, it was noted that among students, the count of women had exceeded number of men. Thus, you can very well calculate the spirit and enthusiasm a student receives in Brown University and how equality is the priority.

There are many students who transfer to Brown University because of its diverse courses and knowledgeable faculty. People and community are two things that are most important in a college campus and Brown University fits in both scenarios. The transfer receiving rate for Brown University is 7.7 percent. In 2019, out of 2130 transfer applicants, only 164 were accepted.

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Nowadays college degree has become quite important for students to get a stable job. Therefore, students all over the world, try to get selected in the best colleges of their choice. Sometimes candidates travel from abroad to study in their preferred institute. This includes finance since they not only have to bear tuition fees, but also have to look after their lodging and food. It is true that the government authorized institutes are cheaper than private institutes. However, private institutes are also flexible with tuition rates and often offer schemes and scholarship to eligible candidates.

Statistics show that students attending Brown University pay their tuition fees depending upon their family income. Hence, there are many ways of saving money for colleges –

  • Check all the local, government and state aid that can be used for funding institutional fees.
  • Students can apply for part-time jobs or work within campus and get a decent pay.
  • Students can also apply for scholarship programs like National Merit Scholarship Program. This program provides scholarship to students who fall under the top 1 percent of PSAT test holders.

Brown University is famous for its diversity. You will bump into students from different religion, caste, country. They are all treated equally by every person and faculty within the campus. The campus isn’t very big or small.  The distance between two classes is 5 to 10 minutes’ walk.

Students are highly dedicated to their studies. You should be ready to spend five hours of studying every day. Since everyday a new assignment is assigned to students, the library is always crowded.

Entering Brown University is like getting into new life. Apart from adjusting to the surroundings and education pattern, you also have to make new groups. However, one thing is for sure that after joining Brown University, your life takes a new turn that benefits in future.


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