Valuable Reasons Why GPA Scores Do Matter

College admissions are competitive and selective. Students to attend their preferred college need to work hard on their academics to get good results. GPA or Grade Point Average is crucial and makes a huge difference for a future career. If you plan to apply for Brown University, then it is necessary to have an admission application that says a lot about your skills, intelligence, and creativity.

Brown’s acceptance rate last year was 9.49%. BU average GPA is 3.15 but strive for 3.31, to play safe. Many seniors tell GPA is not everything that matters, even organizational experience matters. Nevertheless, it is a crucial aspect that every college student needs to concentrate on.

Reasons why GPA scores do matter

Real quantitative valuation of your knowledge

GPA has a uniform scale of 0.0 to 4.0 in every country across the world. However, in some countries and universities, the grading criteria and calculation may differ. Fortunately, this is the only quantitative measure that helps the admission committee to compare directly between candidates. SATs and TOEFL are quantitative measures but a major weakness is that every student must have not taken these exams. All college students have a GPA as soon as they finish a minimum of one semester at their college.

For scholarship and employment opportunities

After graduation, you will realize that the majority of job vacancies need ‘minimum GPA requirement’. A higher GPA means great job opportunities in competitive industries. If you cannot meet the minimal GPA requirement than you miss the chance of getting a scholarship. It means a high GPA is genuinely valuable to get better opportunities.

Reflects your commitment, time management skills, and determination

Besides reflecting academic performance at the college-level, it even reveals your determination and consistency in your studies. Your commitment as a learner and time-management skills to handle class schedules, assignments, part-time work, etc.

Judged socially

Socially judged means your friends, professors, and strangers will brand you on your GPA score. For example, if your GPA score is 3.85 then a natural human response will be a diligent and highly intelligent student. Alternatively, if your GPA is 1.75 then you will be identified as a lazy student with poor academic skills. A high GPA attracts respect from parents, fellow friends, professors, and family members. A committed student is the one to be respected because of their knowledge is the viewpoint of society.

Necessary for Master or PhDs

When you apply for postgraduate studies, a good GPA score can make a difference to gain access to top colleges. It increases your chances of getting an admission. Even if they don’t mention the minimum GPA requirement, it is a fact that a higher GPA gets prioritized first.


Life is a choice game and everyone has their personal goals and preferences. It is cool not to struggle for a high GPA score if you wish to have a relaxed life. It is also great if you wish to make efforts because you take GPA seriously. Elders and intellectuals suggest that GPA is worth the struggle because maintaining a solid score is a good investment for a future career.


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