Four Steps to Painting Your Home’s Exterior

A lot of people think painting the house is easy. Doing it right is a little more difficult and time consuming than most people are ready to give to the project. Hiring a painting company in Roswell, GA, can save you all the work, or you can follow the four steps below.

Planning the Job

You could just go to a paint store, grab a can of paint of the shelf, come back to your home, and start painting. It may not go very well, but you could do it. Of course, planning to paint your home Will result in a much better outcome. Figuring out the color and type of paint, measuring the square footage, and knowing which tools you’ll need to buy will be helpful in saving you time and money.

Prepare the Surface

Once you have the plans made, you need to prepare the surface. Power wash the home to get rid of dust and other build up from the area to be painted. You may then want to remove the paint on the surface. Be aware that some homes have leaded paint, which needs to be dealt with differently because it is a hazard; if you’re not sure, it’s best to have a professional do the job. Once you have exposed the surface underneath, you want to fix any imperfections and use a primer.

Doing the Job

When all of this is finished, you get to actually paint the house! Start with a test of the paint you plan on using. This will show if there are any problems with the paint and the primer working together. It will also reveal the true color of the paint on your home. Applying only a small amount provides you with the opportunity to correct problems before you’ve completed the project. As long as the weather has been good and looks to be dry, you can apply the paint.

Cleaning up

When you’re finished, you’ll need to clean up the work area. Leftover paint should be stored properly, recycled, or used in other projects. If you intend on disposing of the paint, be sure to do so properly as throwing it out can be hazardous to the environment. Brushes need to be washed in accordance with the recommendations of the paint manufacturer. Avoid letting the paint go into the gutter or down a drain as much of the water ends up in the environment and in rivers. Of course, hiring a painting company in Roswell GA will relieve you of all this work and provide you with a guaranty while keeping the paint’s warranty valid.


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