Transforming Your Event into A Red-Carpet One Is Bound to Get Everyone Talking

Style, Stratospheric status, Opulence – These are the words that best describe Red carpet events. Though the birth of red-carpet dates back to centuries, today it is an important part of award ceremonies. The main event happens inside yet the buzz is overloaded at the entrance. The celebrities don stunning outfits, paparazzi have a field day and the public are excited.

Red carpet treatment for your guests:

Red carpet events are closely associated with high-profile people. To most common people, it feels magical and out of reach. Things have changed though. You can host your own red-carpet party for any event and make your guests feel special. Hire red carpet Melbourne from AU Carpet. They cater to a wide range of events and have carpets available in different colours.

History of red carpets:

Before you go ahead with planning a red-carpet event, let us go back in history to understand the underlying reason for so much pomp with red carpets. During 458 B.C in a Greek play, red tapestries were rolled out to welcome a mythical King Agamemnon returning after winning a battle. It was reserved for royalty.

It is said the King was initially afraid to step on the carpet as red was considered the colour of immortals in ancient Greece. Red has been associated with royalty in many other cultures too. During the end of 1200’s red was reserved to be worn by only highest-ranking men of the Catholic Church. As years rolled by, politicians around Europe started wearing red clothes.

Why ‘red’ in particular?

Back during the Industrial revolution of the 19th century, before synthetic dyes came into the picture, red textiles were incredibly expensive since the price of red dye stock was very high. Only few could afford them and gradually it was associated as a status symbol. Apart from the price, the colour has religious connotations adding to its significance.

Setting up your own red-carpet event:

So, you’ve decided to offer celebrity treatment to your guests by hosting a red-carpet party. It could be any event – A birthday party at home in honour of someone or something bigger like fundraising events.

·         Create the vibe of the event by replicating the iconic stuff involved with red carpet events.

·         In addition to red carpet and velvet ropes, decorate the entire area right from the entrance with sparkly elements like twinkling lights, star-shaped helium balloons, full-length mirror for the guests to check out themselves etc.

·         If you are hosting the event in your home, limit the attendee count so that it doesn’t get crammed and doesn’t feel extravagant.  If you are inviting many people, opt for bigger venues.

Carpet colour guide:

·         Red: Movie premiers, private parties, product launches, Christmas parties

·         Green: Food and Beverage

·         Pink: Beauty industry, fundraisers, LGBT community

·         Blue: Trade shows

·         Purple: Sports, manufacturing related events

·         Black: Music, Halloween party

·         White: Weddings and birthdays

Wow your guests by hosting the perfect red-carpet event. Over-indulge them with your attention.


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