How To Decide Between Woven And Non-woven Bags

Woven bags are made out of fabric that has been woven tightly for it to possess its own strength. The process of weaving the fabric involves sewing the individual strands of thread together and making a long cloth. The cloth is then cut and again sewn into the shape of tote bags.

These woven bags are woven through weaving styles such as twill, satin and plain weave. Each type of weave is used for a different purpose as it has different qualities.

Benefits of a woven bag

  • The woven cloth is flexible, without being too stretchable.
  • It is able to retain the shape given to it.
  • The woven bag is strong and reusable for a long time.
  • They can be washed in the washing machine.
  • These bags can be matte or laminated.

However, the process of making woven bags is much more labor-intensive and time-consuming. This also increases the price of the bag which makes it less desirable than the plastic bags and non-woven bags.

Non-woven bags are produced using any other fabric and is not woven individually. They are produced in factories mechanically, chemically or thermally. The fibers used to make non-woven bags are joined through factory processes, instead of being sewn together.

Benefits of a non-woven bag

  • Non-woven bags are more versatile in comparison to woven bags. They are also used in the medical industry for producing face masks, surgical caps, etc.
  • They have a larger range of functions.
  • They are used in arts and crafts as they are less expensive. Their economical price is also making them a popular choice in comparison to woven bags.
  • Non-woven bags are a more popular choice than plastic bags for their durability.
  • Non-woven bags allow more printing options: As the manufacturing process is mechanical, the printing on the bags is easier. These custom non woven bags are made by Custom Grocery They are a USA-based reusable bags manufacturer that allows you to customize your bags and delivers them to your doorstep. These customized bags are better for the environment and your pocket too.
  • Promotional idea: These customized non-woven bags can be designed with your brand name and logo promoting your brand wherever the customers go.
  • Non-woven bags can be made with or without lamination. The designs can directly be silk printed onto the bags.

The non-woven bags may be much easier and cheaper to manufacture, but they have their own disadvantages. These bags are more prone to wear and tear than the woven bags, making them less durable. Furthermore, they cannot be used as frequently as the woven bags because these bags cannot be washed in the washing machine. You cannot wash this and reuse it again.


The benefits and the drawbacks of both woven and non-woven bags are listed above. The decision between choosing the right fabric is up to you and your circumstances. If you have a flexible budget, you can opt for woven bags, but if you need fine print design, then you should opt for the non-woven bags.


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