What KN95 Respiratory Mask Can Filter Out And How To Use It In COVID-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus has created havoc in almost every country. People with low immunity get affected quickly and it is hard to overcome its impact on their health. The result is 90% fatal. People have been struggling with dust and pollution, which is hard to control. Pollution and dust adversely impact your health but proactive people use a mask to protect themselves.

Nonetheless, normal masks are useful in avoiding the dust but not pollution and virus. On customearthpromos.com you will come across KN95 masks, which are designed to filter out any kind of dust particles, pollution and airborne virus.

What is the KN95 respiratory mask?

KN95 respiratory mask is different than the different forms available. It has 4 layers for protection, which you cannot get in any other mask forms. Polluted air gets filtered with easy and simultaneously you can breathe comfortably.

KN95 is an industrial standard, which means 95% of particles get efficiently filtered with a 0.3 mm mass median diameter.

What can respiratory KN95 mask filter out?

Air pollutants

As the mask can filter particles having 0.3 micrometers indicates that you get protected strongly from PM2.5 or PM10, and more small particles.

Bacteria and germs

KN95 mask helps to reduce the exposure to different biological substances like germs and bacteria. One thing to remember is just wearing a mask will not help to avert the infection risk because factors like proper fit also count.


Normal pollen particle size is 10 to 1000 μm and the KN95 mask can efficiently filter at 0.3 μm.

Animal allergens

Animal allergens are normally 5 to 10 μm in size, which gets easily filtered through a medium that can effortlessly sieve particles having 0.3 μm.

Vehicle exhaust & smoke

The KN95 mask has an active carbon layer filter that deodorizes air, thus vehicle exhaust, smoke, and smog surrounding in the air get reduced.

The usefulness of KN95 respiratory masks

KN95 respiratory masks are designed for old, young, male, female, and kids. In many ways the mask is useful.

  • Convenience – It is simple to use and fits your nose and mouth accurately.
  • Design – It is specially designed to protect users against infection from Coronavirus.
  • Better protection – It has four filtering layers to help you breathe fresh and clean air.
  • Washable – It can be used and washed with ease.
  • Lightweight – You will not feel heaviness around your mouth because its weight is light.

How to use the KN95 mask?

  • Wash your hands before you wear the mask.
  • Make sure that it is properly placed on the nose and mouth.
  • Go out without any concern and fear.
  • When you return home to wash your hands and remove the mask.
  • Wash it with water as currently, COVID-19 is spreading fast. [Manufacturers instruction on how to wash the KN95 mask will be available in the box]
  • Dry it in shade and store it in a clean bag until needed.

Warning – One mask has to be used by one person only. No two people can use the same mask, even if you have washed it.

COVID-19 is a silent killer, which needs everyone to be careful and follow the instructions of keeping your hands clean, wearing masks, maintain social distancing, and wash items bought from the market before using.


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