Excessive Alcohol Consumption Can Destroy Life of an Individual and Family

Alcohol is an important part of any event or gathering. Any festival, family reunion or occasional gatherings with friends is accompanied with alcohol as one of the beverages. However, there are also people who drink it daily due to addiction. Drinking alcohol daily isn’t worrisome if it is taken in a limited amount.

Most Americans drink beer regularly in summers. However, they can do it frequently without abusing it. Alcohol abuse can lead to various health issues along with family disturbances and financial losses. Many people drink alcohol for fun while some drink due to certain mental issues. Initially, the high feeling keeps them happy, which gives them a good feeling, therefore, this drinking becomes a habit.

When tolerance increases for a certain amount, then people increase their consumption. This is how they get addicted to it and withdrawal symptoms are scary. Alcohol addicts normally prefer staying aloof, avoid social gatherings, irate, always frustrated, and have terrible mood swings. This also results in financial loss, job loss, and physical and verbal abuse to family and kids.

Only support from friends and family can help in getting rid of severe addiction. Any rehab centers provide different types of treatment plans for different kinds of addiction. Every state has its various rehab centers. You can look through The Recover, which is a rehab directory that provides the list of all rehab centers in various states in the US. Whether you’re searching for financial help or insurance plan or you’re looking for luxury or affordable rehab, they have answers to all queries.

Here are some valid reasons for not consuming excessive alcohol –

  • Binge drinking is harmful for men and women. Moderate consumption of alcohol shouldn’t be more than two drinks, extending which is considered binge drinking.
  • People who consume alcohol less per day are considered to fall in low risk category of alcohol-related problems.
  • Liquor is an adult drink and in US drinking and selling alcohol to below 21 years of age is considered a crime. This is because alcohol affects the learning and cognitive ability of a person which is still developing till the age of 25 years.
  • Survey has also shown that most accidents on road happen due to drinking and driving, where major cases are of kids under 21 years of age.
  • Alcohol makes a person physically plus mentally impaired. Accidents due to drunk driving, unsafe sex, rape cases, physical assault, are some crimes that are result of disability due to excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of time results to damaging endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, and central nervous systems. It can also damage lungs, kidney, liver, brain, heart, etc.
  • It can also increase the chances of cancer in breast, throat, colon, mouth, liver, etc.

Thus, it is wise to take alcohol in limited amount. However, the truth, is if there is no alcohol there is no risk. Still if you drink occasionally, but finish a whole bottle of wine in a day or drink at least six pegs in a day, then you’re still considered a binge drinker. Thus, follow these tips to stay in limit –

  • For men it is wise to not drink more than four drink in a day and fourteen drinks in a week. If you meet both guidelines, then you’re in limited consumption and at low risk.
  • Women are considered to have alcohol issues at lower levels, and thus they should consume no more than three drinks in a day and seven drinks a week. Both these standards should be met to stay in the low risk category.

Alcohol should be taken for light mood and fun and not as a need. When you have withdrawal symptoms, immediately stop consuming alcohol. You may face problems in beginning, but seek help from physician and family for moral support.


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