Ways Of Selecting The Best Online Distributor For Selling Your Music

Thousands of artists are searching for audiences and fans to increase their popularity. In the music business, fame is important than money. Musicians want people to praise and talking about their albums and songs. This is where comes in the work of an online distributor. They get your music to a wider audience by publishing in major online stores and portals.

Music Digi

With so many online distributors in the market, deciding whom to trust is a difficult job. If your music is published by unrecognized publishers, it won’t be of much importance. Music Digi is one amazing music streaming platform to sell music online. It helps in getting your music to various famous platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

Just by paying $39 per year, you can upload any number of albums without any hidden costs. You can keep 100% of the ownership rights of your album with you. For all Spotify premium users, the music is released 2 weeks in advance to the official date. And, they have a team of experts for helping you out whenever you are in trouble.

Music Digi comes in play to get your music on spotify and itunes. It leads to fast and easy distribution with downloading services done in less than 24 hours.

Depending on the number of albums you release, you might be required to pay an annual fee for maintaining your works on online platforms. The fee is mostly equivalent to the initial upload. It can be $10 to $40 depending on the type of song or album.

Tips to Choose the right online music distributor

You need to focus on choosing the best online distributor. Some of the things to keep in mind are listed as under:

  • Choosing a direct distributor

You can never be sure about whom to choose while streaming your music online. But, choose a direct distributor who sends your music directly to the stores from their distributing platforms. Working through 3rd parties keep you in confusing whether your album will be released or not.

  • Signing of contract

After giving your album, you will be expecting money. But there has to be a guarantor with whom you can deal with the financial matters. A good distributor will sign an agreement or contract with you for prompt and timely payments.

Most distributors offer popular music platforms. Most of them try paying you through PayPal or your bank account. So, make sure you decide your mode of the payment beforehand.

  • Knowing part, you will receive

Now, every digital platform gives you separate shares of payment. Some pay you 90% royalty while some may pay 80%. Decide this in advance before moving ahead. Choose your options carefully before signing up with any digital platform.


Many online distributors are doing an excellent job in the music world and might turn out to be the best choice for you. Registration is simple and then you can upload as many songs as you want. Do your research thoroughly based on your criteria. Make sure to choose the best possible from the outset.


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